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                               Joanne Flynn Black

The airbnb for dogs –

Leaving your dog while on vacation? Try

Six tips to keep your Airbnb sparkling!

Having a clean place is key to having a successful Airbnb. My Airbnb consistently gets high ratings and special shout outs for it's cleanliness. Here are some tips:   1. Treat your cleaning people well.  My cabin is two hours from where I live....

New to airbnb hosting? Here’s some tips for a super-successful start

When I started hosting on airbnb I was fearful. There's going to be strangers in my house?! So many "what ifs" What if they trash my home? What if they are rude? What if they leave a bad review? Over a year later with 99% 5 stars + 1% 4 stars...

Why are these men sitting in a car in NYC? and Live on Facebook with the Global community?

Watching Facebook Live. Two men in a car. Is this Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee?  I don’t see Jerry Seinfeld. So then Carpool Karoake? Nope, no singing. No James Corden. Oh it’s social-media-and-digital-guru Sree Sreenivasan and United Way's Director of...

Sharing some words..

…that people have said about me.

Joanne works with pure, crystal clear logic . She takes what’s there and brings it into realisation very quickly so it occurs like she’s magically making things happen. I have not experienced working with someone who adds this much value so quickly before.

Ruth Eira Jones

Change Maker, Founder KaiFlow

Joanne is a go getter and makes sure to get things done. She keeps me motivated to stay focused on the goal of making my company successful. She comes to the table with great ideas. She will definitely meet all your expectations in what you need to help you kick start your business!

Gina Cerbone

Founder, Spoonful of OM

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