Hi, I’m Joanne Flynn Black.

As a management consultant, I’ve been able to consultant for companies from Wall Street to Wineries.

From High Tech to Chicken Farms.

I’ve always worked some of my time remotely so I’ve gotten the hang of what works and what does not. In this new world of remote work, I plan to share tips on what works and what does not.

When I’m also a Freelance writer, working on stories about Food, Travel and crabs (the ones you eat).

Joanne Flynn Black photographed on May 08, 2018. Image © Ira L. Black

I’m also an airbnb host, although right now I put my listing on hold. If you want to join airbnb you can use my referral link: Joanne’s host referral link. I will get a referral fee from airbnb after your first booking, however there is no charge to you.

And if you’re a new traveller you can get $40 worth of travel credit by using my travel credit link: Joanne’s travel credit link.

Also if you buy anything from Amazon after clicking on my product links I do get a small percentage from Amazon. There is no increase in cost to you. And I always write from the heart and will never promote a product just for the link.

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