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Hi, I’m Joanne Flynn Black, founder of launchb4

Launch before you’re ready

Launch before everything feels perfect.

Launch before you’re comfortable. 

Put yourself out there

Don’t wait until all is “set”

What is the saying?…Perfect is the enemy of done


And in launching this means whatever you are putting out into the world. A community. A newsletter. Your poem that you submit to a poetry site. A short story you enter into a writing contest. A course. Your spot in the community garden. It does not have to be a Business Launch.

It can be anything.

Get it out there.

The world needs you right now. Yes YOU.

launchb4 brings together women on a mission to create something bigger than themselves, to make well informed and savvy decisions about Technology Tools to Launch and Grow our businesses/projects, so that we can put the “thing” we’ve been dreaming about out into the world,  can grow without fear, and be the “badass selves” we know we are deep down.








Also if you buy anything from Amazon after clicking on my product links I do get a small percentage from Amazon. There is no increase in cost to you. And I always write from the heart and will never promote a product just for the link.

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