I got the idea to become an airbnb cohost while driving back and forth to my cabin (four hours round trip!) listening to the audio book from Chris Guillebeau. Side Hustle. From Idea to Income in 27 days

The book got me thinking this way:

I love hosting on airbnb:

>>My guests leave amazing reviews so I must be doing something right.

>>I can be an Airbnb Cohost for others.

And my cohosting Side Hustle was born.

Airbnb Cohost: How I did it:

I added in my airbnb profile that I’m interested in becoming a cohost in my area. That same day I received an email from someone who was looking for help through Airbnb.

I called her right away.

We talked and hit it off. I explained to her my own experience of being an airbnb host. I answered all of her questions. Then we met in person.  We got along well and I could tell that she was going to turn this condo into a beautiful space. I helped her create her listing.

Airbnb stopped providing this service, so my other clients have been word of mouth.

Ways to get new clients:

  • Facebook groups where Airbnb hosts hang out
  • Community on the Airbnb site
  • Post in coffee shops
  • Check out Airbnb listings in your area to see if you know anyone
  • Tell everyone you know that you are interested in doing this

What I do as an Airbnb cohost:

Now I manage all  bookings including:

  • determine whether to accept/decline a guest
  • communicate with guests to answer questions about the area
  • write reviews for guests when they leave
  • coordinate turnovers

I love connecting with people so for me this does not even feel like work.

In the morning it’s great to see an email from airbnb which says “We’ve issued you a payout of $$$, like this one here:

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 1.29.34 PM

Some things to consider whether being an Airbnb Cohost is right for you:

  • Do you like interacting with people? This is a key component. I get excited when I hear the sound that Airbnb makes when it alerts me that there’s a new inquiry. Will you be excited or feel annoyed?
  • Are you patient? Will you get annoyed if someone asks, “Where’s the best Bastille Day Celebration in your area?”  Yes, I was asked this, and yes I researched it. I found out lots about my area that I did not know about.
  • Do you have access to be online and respond in timely manner? To be a good cohost you need to reply to messages right away and definitely with 24 hours. I always respond immediately in order not to lose out on a booking.
  • Are you flexible? As a host of own property I make all the decisions. No one to ask permission or check in with.  As a cohost you may want to offer a special deal or be hard on no discounts, but the owners have a say in this. Be clear with them upfront about what potential situations arise and how you will handle.

To learn more about being a cohost:

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