When I started hosting on airbnb I was fearful. There’s going to be strangers in my house?!

So many “what ifs”

What if they trash my home?

What if they are rude?

What if they leave a bad review?

Over a year later with 99% 5 stars + 1% 4 stars ratings along with glowing, amazing, personal reviews that admittedly sometimes bring tears to my eyes, I want to share some tips that worked for me.  And should hopefully work for you.

  • Start the interaction with your guests right as you accept their booking.  I like to comment on what they’ve written in their message. If they mention it’s an anniversary or birthday I will ask them about it. It shows that your responses are not just templates but a real person at the other end of the messaging.


  • Ask if they have been to the area and if they would like any recommendations.  I ask:

    “We have area recommendations in our house manual and if you’d like any specific recommendations just let me know.”

    One guest from France was staying during Bastille Day and asked if there were any Bastille day celebrations in my area. Yes, some hosts will say, “why doesn’t she Google it herself.” I took this on as a 5 minute research project. This turned into me learning about something I didn’t know about about my town and going the extra mile for my guest.

  • Leave a personal note. I recently stayed at an airbnb and the host left me a personal card wrapped in beautiful ribbon. It was a nice touch to walk into when entering her home. I usually leave a quick note on fun paper with the person’s name and an “enjoy your stay”  message. Shows that they are not just a “booking” but important to us.


  • Strike a balance of being responsivesive without being intrusive.  I send a “hope everything went well with your ‘check in.’ Let me know if I can answer any questions… ” type of message. Most guests respond right away that everything is great! And they love our place.  I usually take my guests’ lead on how much they want to hear from me. One amazing guest let me know everything she and her family were up to.  So for her I had lots of messages. Others give a quick “all is fine” message so I honor that and check in again usually on the day of departure


With over 70+ stays I have never had anyone trash my home. People most times leave it spotless. The most damage I had was a broken glass (and they offered to pay), some turmeric on a kitchen towel and some mascara on a pillow case.

While all this personal attention does take some extra time, it makes guests feel like they know you and will be more conscious of how they treat your home.

What others tips do you have that worked? Would love to hear!


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