Watching Facebook Live. Two men in a car.

Is this Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee?  I don’t see Jerry Seinfeld.

So then Carpool Karoake? Nope, no singing. No James Corden.

Oh it’s social-media-and-digital-guru Sree Sreenivasan and United Way’s Director of Communications Neil Parekh reading The New York Times Sunday edition. Don’t they know #NoReadingWhileDriving?

Neil Parekh (L) and Sree Sreenivasan (R) captured Live with comments from around the world.


Oh, luckily they are parked.  In a borrowed car.  Neil’s sister let them borrow it got when it got too windy and cold to read outside. (They were originally sitting at an outdoor table at Tarallucci e Vino in New York City)

If a friend told me she was watching someone reading a newspaper I would tell her  “that sounds as exciting as Watching Print Dry.”

But I tune in to watch.  Even though I get my own copy delivered every day to my porch.  I am a proud print subscriber – since 2006! 

One of Sree’s missions is to #KeepPrintAlive. He is doing this is by hosting a Live readalong every Sunday morning #NYTReadAlong.

The New York Times on the dashboard of Neil's sister's car

Why is watching Sree read so intriguing?

  • He has a different read-along partner each week and we hear their Point of View on topics.
  • Sree’s personal connections are so far reaching he says things such as, “while working with the Pulitzer team this week.”
    With no arrogance.  Just awesomeness.
  • The other folks who are watching from around the world post facts and opinions so you get a Global View/Global Reactions.

To join in the head to Facebook Live every Sunday morning 8:30AM-10AM Eastern – #NYTReadAlong

I have a #LifeGoal to get published in The New York Times. Although I know it’s one of the toughest publications to get accepted, I currently have a few pitches out to editors there.

We always hear that it’s important to visualize your success. Every morning when I get The New York Times out of The Blue Bag from my front porch I visualize the day that my name will be inside.

Now I will also visualize Sree reading it live!