Having a clean place is key to having a successful Airbnb.

My Airbnb consistently gets high ratings and special shout outs for it’s cleanliness.

Here are some tips:


1. Treat your cleaning people well.  My cabin is two hours from where I live. I would never be where I am in  without them. I how them my appreciation by sending messages and adding a little extra when I pay them.



2. Have a backup cleaner.  Even the most reliable people have emergencies. Be sure you have a backup (or two) if your cleaner is not able to do your turnover.


3. Find a method of communication that works.  You can use high tech apps like Turnoverbnb where your cleaner is automatically notified of your bookings.  Or create a ‘Team’ within Airbnb so they can see your calendar. maybe your cleaner is lower Tech and wants a phone call to note your Turnover in their calendar. Whichever way, figure out the best way for both of you.


4. Have extra sets of sheets. For turnovers be sure you have a minimum of three sets per bed. You never know when something  unexpected may happen. Stains, rips, or a Sharpie gone astray.


5. Leave cleaning supplies for the guests. If a guest wants to wipe off a countertop or sweep up be sure there’s supplies for them to do this.


and speaking of supplies……



6. Don’t be stingy with the toilet paper. Some hosts give 1-2 rolls and let guests know that anything extra needs to be purchased. Everyone has their own way of hosting but I am sure I don’t want my guests saying they ran out of TP.




What other tips do you have?